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Whiteline Sway Bars for All EVs

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Whiteline Sway Bars Description

"Activate more grip." This is Whiteline's tag line for their suspension parts and they mean it. Whiteline sway bars are used in motorsports world wide, and have proven to be a winning upgrade for any car. Whiteline sway bar (or anti-roll) kits are designed to fit like factory, but offer up to a 950% increase in roll resistance on some applications! Sway bars are designed to control body roll by spreading the cornering loads more evenly between the tires, keeping them flatter, which increases the contact patch each tire has when cornering. Whiteline sway bars are manufactured in Australia where they have been developed to significantly increase the amount of vehicle control, comfort, and of course grip. Stock sway bars are always a compromise of price, comfort, and performance in that order. Larger sway bars from Whiteline focus on performance first. Being a great bang for the buck upgrade for your EV, these bars are designed to control body roll so you can run softer springs day to day without any loss of handling. And paired with a stiff spring setup, you will have even more grip than you do with the stock sway bars.

Key Features:
  • Increased stiffness creates big handling gains.
  • Many applications include heavy duty end links and other hardware. See application specific pictures for details.
  • Adjustable sway bars allow you to fine tune the handling characteristics of your car.
  • Manufactured with high grade Australian spring steel and powder coated for durability.
  • Bolt-on design includes synthetic elastomer bushings and any required hardware.
  • Adjustable sway bars have from 2 to 4 mounting points.
  • Big benefits for a little money and easy installation.

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